Rock Valley Precast

Rock Valley Precast is the industry leader with the highest quality Precast Products available. We manufacture products for the Agricultural Industry such as Hog and Cattle Slats, three styles of fence line bunks and H-Bunks for cattle feeding.
We make 5’ and 10’ tall T-Walls for grain and silage storage. We manufacture well curbs, meter pits and custom pit lids. If it’s made of concrete we probably make it.
We also offer crane service with our 40 ton crane.
Come see how our quality is head and shoulders above the competition.



Give us a call at 712-476-5343 and let us know how we can help you.

Walls and Dividers

Please click on links below to view and download pdf for more details: 


5' T-Wall 

height: 5'/60" | length: 8'/96" | width: 29.25"

10' T-Wall

height: 10' | length: 48" | width: 42"

Median Divider

height: 32" | length: 96" | width: 24"

Big Blox

height: 32" | length: 72" | width: 24"
Half blox available

Regular Blocks

height: 2' | length: 6' | width: 2'

Landscape Blocks

height: 2' | length: 6' | width: 2'