About Us

We are a family owned and locally operated business since 1922. We are the industry leader with the finest quality and service in the area. 


We have four subsidiaries: 
Rock Valley Precast, Tri-State Ready Mix, Valley Sand & Gravel & Top Construction.  Please click on the above logos for more information on each of our companies.


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The history of Van Zee Enterprises began in 1922, when Conrad H. Van Zee bought the block business from owners, Vande Kieft and Harmelink.  The company was named “Rock Valley Cement Block & Tile”.  He owned and operated the business until his death in 1944.  At that point his son, Henry Van Zee, ran the business for the estate for one year.  After that year, Henry and his brothers, Richard E., and Alvin (Kuze) Van Zee purchased the business from the estate.  During the next few years, the business expanded into the sand and gravel industry.


In 1951, the brothers formed a partnership with Russell Vande Brake from Orange City.  This company was named the “Ready Mix Concrete Co.”  They opened a plant in Rock Valley in 1953.  In 1954, Russell opened his own plant in Orange City, (formerly known as Russell’s Ready Mix).  In 1958, they partnered again.  This time with Joe Sandbulte in a plant in Sioux Center.  Around 1960, the Van Zee brothers and Russell, sold their interest in the Sioux Center plant to Joe Sandbulte, (formerly known as “Joe’s ready Mix).  The brothers then bought Russell’s interest of the Rock Valley plant in 1961; it was at this time that the Ready Mix Concrete Co. was dissolved.

In 1967, Alvin died from a kidney disease.  At this time, Henry’s sons Richard L. (Dick) and Conrad D. bought their first interest in the company.

In 1972, Henry reached retirement age and sold his interest to his sons.  Two years later, Richard E. also retired and Conrad and Dick became sole owners.

In 1970, Tri-State Ready Mix was started with the opening of a new plant in Larchwood, Iowa.  In 1980, the plant in Canton, S.D. opened.  In 1990, Conrad and Dick formed a partnership with Arlon Sandbulte of Joe’s Ready Mix.  This new company bought the plant in Rock Rapids, Iowa (known as Rapids Ready Mix) and the plant in Beresford, S.D. (known as Beresford Ready Mix) in 1996.

In 1970, the company started to manufacture pre-cast concrete products such as feed bunks, well curbs, and hog slats.

In 1993, Conrad and Dick sold a small interest of the company to their sons, Chad and Mike.

In 1997, Conrad and Dick decided to retire, and sold the rest of their shares to Chad and Mike.

In 2002, Chad and Mike reorganized the company and joined Rock Valley Cement Block & Tile and Tri State Ready Mix.  The new parent company is called Van Zee Enterprises, with divisions named Valley Sand & Gravel, Tri-State Ready Mix, and Rock Valley Block & Tile.


In July 2004, Chad & Mike purchased Top Construction, Inc. from Steve Van Den Top.


In April 2006, the block division of Rock Valley Block & Tile was sold and that division was renamed Rock Valley Precast.

In April 2008, Tri-State Ready Mix bought Arlon’s share of Beresford Ready Mix and dissolved that company.  That plant is now owned solely by Tri-State Ready Mix.


In September 2010, the tankers from Tri-State Ready Mix were transferred into their own company becoming Material Services, Inc.


In February 2012, Tri-State Ready Mix purchased the plant at Hospers, IA. Previously known as Herringa Ready Mix.


In March 2012, Tri-State Ready Mix purchased the other half of Rapids Ready Mix from Arlon Sandbulte and merged Rapids and Tri-State together.  Tri-State Ready mix now has 6 locations:

  • Rock Valley, IA
  • Rock Rapids, IA
  • Larchwood, IA
  • Hospers, IA
  • Canton, SD,
  • Beresford, SD

In October 2012, a 10,000 square foot addition was added to the Precast Building and addtional bunk forms were purchased to increase bunk production. Also in October 2012, 155 acres of ground was purchased 3 miles west of Rock Valley for a new gravel location.